All About Lucy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Lucy does not like Michael Vick and thinks he's a loser. Anyone who values life so little as to abuse precious animals deserves no less than the same treatment he gave those poor dogs. Lucy hopes that Vick suffers. And suffers badly.

Lucy's Mommy Sonya sent an email to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to let him know how much our family despises Vick and everything he's done. Anyone can send one too at

Monday, July 30, 2007

Belly Scratches

There are all kinds of scratches... back scratches, head scratches, butt scratches but the best scratch of all is a belly scratch. Belly scratches are my heaven on earth and nothing says I love you like a good ol' belly scratch. Mommy Sonya is the best. I just roll over and she hits all the best spots. Of course I reward her with lots of kisses. What do you call a dog's kiss? A pooch smooch!

Belly scratches are best followed by a nap. Then again, anything is best followed by a nap. There is nothing better than curling up with my best buddy, Jack, for a snooze. He tells me that I snore. I assure you that I have no clue what he as talking about because first of all ladies don't snore (and I am a lady) and I have never heard myself. So if I haven't heard it or seen it, it does not exist.
Time for delicious din-din. Wooo Hooo! Mommy Sonya mixes our food just the way we like it... crunchy food with the soft food. YUM!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lucy Fur Caton-Sutton. I am an 18 month old wire hair belge Brussels Griffon. My Mommy Jean says that I look like an ewok. Some of you may be familiar with the movie "As Good As It Gets." The dog, Verdel, is a Brussels Griffon. Our notoriety is not expansive but our ability to love is.

This is my blog. This is my spot to mark however I want... and I usually squat because above all things, I am a lady. It is at this time that I would like to introduce by boy toy, Mister Jack Daniel Caton-Sutton. He's a mutt but that doesn't stop him from strutting his stuff. My Mommies decided that I was bored and needed a toy so here he is. He's my best buddy but my love is my Mommy Sonya. Don't tell Mommy Jean but I truly only have eyes for my Mommy Sonya.

Speaking of the Mommies, I guess I should introduce them... but remember, this blog is all about MMMMMEEEE!

My Mommies are biker chicks. Mommy Sonya rides a Harley Davidson Fat Boy and Mommy Jean rides a Harley Davidson Road King Classic. She took me for a ride once... I think I liked it. Definitely loved the wind in my hair... back when I had hair! The Mommies decided that a shorter hair cut would probably be better since I get so overheated. They are always looking out for us though I could really use more treats. Oh yeah... here are the Mommies.

It's getting late and time for a major back scratch from Mommy Jean and a belly scratch from Mommy Sonya. Remember: "Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job." ~Franklin P. Jones