All About Lucy!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Belly Scratches

There are all kinds of scratches... back scratches, head scratches, butt scratches but the best scratch of all is a belly scratch. Belly scratches are my heaven on earth and nothing says I love you like a good ol' belly scratch. Mommy Sonya is the best. I just roll over and she hits all the best spots. Of course I reward her with lots of kisses. What do you call a dog's kiss? A pooch smooch!

Belly scratches are best followed by a nap. Then again, anything is best followed by a nap. There is nothing better than curling up with my best buddy, Jack, for a snooze. He tells me that I snore. I assure you that I have no clue what he as talking about because first of all ladies don't snore (and I am a lady) and I have never heard myself. So if I haven't heard it or seen it, it does not exist.
Time for delicious din-din. Wooo Hooo! Mommy Sonya mixes our food just the way we like it... crunchy food with the soft food. YUM!


Hope said...

Hello, Lucy! A beautiful girl like you deserves many belly scratches (although we call them tummy rubs in our house).

Thelma & Louise said...

Lucy Fur.

All about you. Oh you naive pooch. Don't enter a battle of wits half armed.

Thelma and Louise