All About Lucy!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


This morning the Mommies picked up our halters and leashes. Jack ALWAYS gets very excited when this happens 'cause that means we are gonna go on a W-A-L-K but they only put on our halters. That's peculiar. Then we headed for the truck. Oh yeah, ROAD TRIP!! The Mommies mentioned something about a dog park but aren't all parks for dogs?? It doesn't matter where we're going as long as we are going somewhere with the Mommies and it isn't that place that pokes you in places you shouldn't be poked.

Mommy Sonya was driving and we heard the big noise from the sky. Stoopid rain. Geesh... well at least we are getting a road trip out of it. Then a doggie miracle, the sun came out
and we arrived at this wonderous place called Dog Wood Dog Park. A place to run and play without being attached to the Mommies. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mommies but sometimes a girl's just gotta have fun.

I surprised the Mommies by being the brave one and heading for the pond! It was so cool! Jack was a big chicken and wouldn't get in the pond until the big dogs showed him how. We ran and we ran and we ran. We splashed and played with our new friends. Even our human friends Skipper and Diane came to see us and play for a little while. It was awesome! We even went for a walk. The down side is that the Mommies gave us a B-A-T-H before we got in the truck. Something about pond scum and sand. I don't know what they were talking about because I ALWAYS smell like a rose!

Don't tell the Mommies but we were a little tired. We didn't wanna leave the wonderous place where dogs run free but home is pretty cool too and Mommy Sonya takes very good care of us. I really hope that the Mommies take us back! It was really fun!

Thanks for a wonderful day Mommies!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michael Vick's Jury...

I'd love to be on his jury. He makes me sad.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Of Shopping and Car Rides...

Jack and I love car rides! When our mommies put on shoes, grab their purses and we hear the car keys jingling... we know that it's time for one of the highlights of our life - a CAR RIDE! We especially love when our mommies roll down the windows so we can stick our noses into the wind and sniff all those wonderful smells that this big world has to offer... We can only take wind speeds of 30 mph or less... much faster than that and we can't keep our eyes open!

The next best thing to car rides is SHOPPING! Our mommies took us to our local PetSmart (probably because Jack was chewing on the wall and the staircase and made Mommy Jean particularly angry... I think I heard her say that if he does that again, I will be an only pooch in our home and Jackie will be 'relocated' elsewhere. Didn't sound very encouraging...) We were off in search of suitable entertainment in the form of yummy, treat-filled bones - and the only ones we enjoy are sold at PetSmart. There's so many yummy smells in that place! And I can 'sniff' that there have been many other doggies there, too because some of them even pottied in the aisles... Boooooo... that's bad. Doesn't every pooch understand that pottying is only for the OUTSIDE and not the INSIDE?? Bad pooches.

It was a fun trip and we have more yummy treats and stuff to chew on... Now maybe Jack will stop chewing on our home and concentrate on his yummy bone for a while... I would hate it if he moved away! He's fun to wrestle with!!

Gotta go... I think I hear car keys jingling again... 'Hey!! Wait for me!! I wanna go...'

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oooooohhhhh, the HEAT is practically unbearable!!

Ok, now I'm 'speaking' for Jack AND me...

This HEAT is terrible! I can't spend any quality time digging up buggies, rolling in the lawn or chasing Jack without feeling as though I might pass out! The heat is no fun and seriously, Mommy Jean and Mommy Sonya, you guys should consider moving to a different place where I can be my lazy, adorably cute self in some cooler climate!! What's a girl to do when she is unable to enjoy the outdoors?!?! Not to mention what the humidity does to my beautiful hair?!?!?

Yours truly,

Lucy <---panting...

Friday, August 3, 2007

A Message from Jack

I think Toby Keith said it best..."I WANNA TALK ABOUT ME!!!"
Howdy, My name is Jack Daniel. From what I hear tell my Mommy Jean named me after her favorite beverage and it doesn't hurt that it's from Tennessee, her home state. I thought it was time for me to chime in 'cause I am so much more than just a pretty face.

The Mommies were told that I was a dachsund. They soon learned that in that category, I was also so much more. The vet estimated me to be about 35lbs at full grown. Right now I weigh in at a lean, mean 15lbs. Teehee. Boy toy for Lucy...hehehehe. She enjoyed being able to outrun me for about 2 minutes and then I quickly learned that I am a low profile, aerodynamic speed demon. I am working on getting my ears positioned just right so that I can get lift. Wouldn't that just freak ol' Lucy out!

A little about me. I LOVE WALKS! Go anywhere close to my leash and I just know we are going for a walk. Car rides are cool as long as they are short. There is too little time in the day to waste being still even if where you are being still is moving. I LOVE TREATS!! The trick to treats is to hide mine and then take Lucy's. Twice as much for me!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!

Next to walks I just love being with my family. One of the favorite times of the day (besides treat time) is when I get to watch t.v. with my Mommy Sonya. We love Animal Planet and always watch CSI.

Well, Lucy's done being beautified so I need to go check her out.


Hmmmm... Looks like Lucy...smells better than Lucy!
Is it Lucy? Oh well, let's PLAY!