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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Of Shopping and Car Rides...

Jack and I love car rides! When our mommies put on shoes, grab their purses and we hear the car keys jingling... we know that it's time for one of the highlights of our life - a CAR RIDE! We especially love when our mommies roll down the windows so we can stick our noses into the wind and sniff all those wonderful smells that this big world has to offer... We can only take wind speeds of 30 mph or less... much faster than that and we can't keep our eyes open!

The next best thing to car rides is SHOPPING! Our mommies took us to our local PetSmart (probably because Jack was chewing on the wall and the staircase and made Mommy Jean particularly angry... I think I heard her say that if he does that again, I will be an only pooch in our home and Jackie will be 'relocated' elsewhere. Didn't sound very encouraging...) We were off in search of suitable entertainment in the form of yummy, treat-filled bones - and the only ones we enjoy are sold at PetSmart. There's so many yummy smells in that place! And I can 'sniff' that there have been many other doggies there, too because some of them even pottied in the aisles... Boooooo... that's bad. Doesn't every pooch understand that pottying is only for the OUTSIDE and not the INSIDE?? Bad pooches.

It was a fun trip and we have more yummy treats and stuff to chew on... Now maybe Jack will stop chewing on our home and concentrate on his yummy bone for a while... I would hate it if he moved away! He's fun to wrestle with!!

Gotta go... I think I hear car keys jingling again... 'Hey!! Wait for me!! I wanna go...'

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