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Friday, August 3, 2007

A Message from Jack

I think Toby Keith said it best..."I WANNA TALK ABOUT ME!!!"
Howdy, My name is Jack Daniel. From what I hear tell my Mommy Jean named me after her favorite beverage and it doesn't hurt that it's from Tennessee, her home state. I thought it was time for me to chime in 'cause I am so much more than just a pretty face.

The Mommies were told that I was a dachsund. They soon learned that in that category, I was also so much more. The vet estimated me to be about 35lbs at full grown. Right now I weigh in at a lean, mean 15lbs. Teehee. Boy toy for Lucy...hehehehe. She enjoyed being able to outrun me for about 2 minutes and then I quickly learned that I am a low profile, aerodynamic speed demon. I am working on getting my ears positioned just right so that I can get lift. Wouldn't that just freak ol' Lucy out!

A little about me. I LOVE WALKS! Go anywhere close to my leash and I just know we are going for a walk. Car rides are cool as long as they are short. There is too little time in the day to waste being still even if where you are being still is moving. I LOVE TREATS!! The trick to treats is to hide mine and then take Lucy's. Twice as much for me!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!

Next to walks I just love being with my family. One of the favorite times of the day (besides treat time) is when I get to watch t.v. with my Mommy Sonya. We love Animal Planet and always watch CSI.

Well, Lucy's done being beautified so I need to go check her out.


Hmmmm... Looks like Lucy...smells better than Lucy!
Is it Lucy? Oh well, let's PLAY!

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